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Online, collaborative initiative to raise funds for and increase awareness of 10 local environmental organizations...

Our Live Kick-off Party will be held on the evening of May 28 at Maryland Hall. Stay tuned for details...

Ten organizations doing good things in Anne Arundel County, from our forests to our rivers...

We will be open for online donations May 28 to midnight, May 29. Click on the arrow below...

                                          Preliminary Totals as of 7 a.m., May 30


                                                    Board matches                                                     Donations   & Pledges        Totals


Annapolis Green                   $ 9,385   $ 9,400     $ 18,785

ClearShark H2O                    $ 1,535   $ 1,000     $  2,535
Friends of Jug Bay                $ 1,055   $ 1,000     $  2,055
Our Creeks & Conservancy          $   925   $ 1,000     $  1,925

Scenic Rivers Land Trust          $ 3,065   $ 1,000     $  4,065
Severn Riverkeeper                $ 2,011   $ 1,000     $  3,011
Spa Creek Conservancy             $ 6,270   $ 1,000     $  7,270
St. Luke's Restoration of Nature  $ 4,453   $ 1,000     $  5,453
Unity Gardens                     $ 3,835   $ 1,000     $  4,885
Watershed Stewards Academy        $13,288   $12,075     $ 25,363

Totals                            $45,822   $29,475     $ 75,297

Thank you to everyone who attended the GreenGive Kickoff Party
Tuesday, May 28
Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts
801 Chase Street, Annapolis
5:30 - 7:30 p.m.


Over 100 people enjoyed tasty appetizers and beverages, including "Stormwater Swirl!" We will also be treated to a performance that celebrates the beauty and diversity of the greatest natural resource in our region, the Chesapeake Bay. Members of the Annapolis Chorale performed a movement from “Chesapeake Triptych: Cry of Earth's Tidal Places,” a new choral/orchestral work by composer Kathy Wonson Eddy commissioned by Live Arts Maryland and conducted by another local treasure, Maestro Ernie Green.

County Executive Steuart Pittman gave a rousing talk that encouraged everyone to support the ten GreenGive partners, as did Maryland Hall President and CEO Margaret Davis.

Thank you to:

  • Bret Bruchok for providing us with beautiful, live music

  • Bryan Gomes for filling in during Bret’s breaks, as our DJ extraordinaire

  • Maryland Hall staff for working closely with us to put together a great party

  • Maestro Ernie Green and members of the Annapolis Chorale for a beautiful performance

  • Josh Clark, Restoration Coordinator at the Watershed Stewards of Anne Arundel County, for leading a tour of our collaborative project at Maryland Hall