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Inspiring a Passion to Protect and Preserve
Maryland's Waterways

The mission of ClearShark H2O (CSH2O) is to provide educational and hands-on experiences that are designed to inspire a passion to protect and preserve Maryland’s waterways. Our primary focus is to offer programs to grades Pre-K to 12 because we know that providing environmental education to students will instill a lifetime of respect for our Chesapeake Bay Watershed and communities around it.


Despite the expansive shoreline around Maryland, many students have never enjoyed waterfront learning opportunities or do not understand or place value on caring for the environment. At CSH2O, we want to create those opportunities for children to engage with their local waterways and develop an appreciation of nature that allows them to understand the importance of protecting it.


Our Oyster and Environmental Education Program is focused on connecting children to the local natural resources in our back yards – the Chesapeake Bay and its surrounding waterways and lands. These unique programs include field trips to local environmental institutions and museums as well as valuable learning opportunities in the classroom.


Whether you are a public, private or home school, have waterfront adjoining the school property or not, ClearShark H2O has the staff, gear, supplies and knowledge to bring engaging and affordable oyster and environmental themed programs to your students. Programs can be modified to meet specific school requests.


Financial assistance is available if needed. CSH2O wants to ensure that those who would like to participate are able to.


In the past four years, more than 9,000 students have participated in the educational programs and field trips we’ve helped create and offer – providing greater access and exposure to our waterways.

We are a strong supporter of our community and its organizations, and since 2014, have invested more than $100,000 in local schools, events and non-profits to help protect Maryland’s environment and waterways.

Through collaborations with the Living Classrooms, Annapolis Maritime Museum, Oyster Recovery Partnership and others we have provided various water-based environmental education programs to Pre-K to 12th grade students at nearly 22 local schools.


Our Story

Growing up and living on the water, ClearShark H2O's co-founders, Martin and Nichole Bentz, saw first-hand the many benefits Maryland's waterways offered to the community and its youth. They understood the importance of protecting it, which inspired the founding of ClearShark H2O and its focus on connecting the community to its waterways.



We understand that the future of our waterways depends on the work we do together today, which is why we’ve made it our mission to protect and preserve Maryland’s waterways for generations to come.

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