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South River Federation's mission is to protect, preserve, restore, and celebrate the South River. With a staff of seven, and over 80 restoration projects completed since its founding in 2000, the Federation is focused on capturing harmful pollutants in stormwater before they wash into the river. Our vision is a South River that once more is fishable and swimmable 24/7.  

Planting millions of oysters and thousands of trees, monitoring water quality, and engaging and educating local residents cannot be accomplished by a single organization. Together, we help each other identify sources of pollution, work with landowners, supply volunteers, provide equipment, and obtain funding.


Whether it is extra shovels, helping hands, or an operational monitoring probe, all the GreenGive partners lend, borrow, and support each other throughout the year. In the last 12 months, the Federation has actively co-hosted events and projects with ten of the twelve organizations .

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