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The West & Rhode Riverkeeper is the only organization whose only job is to preserve and protect these two small tidal estuaries in southern Anne Arundel County, plus the Western Shore of the Chesapeake Bay from Curtis Point to Herring Bay. 


We do this through water quality monitoring, creating restoration projects to protect shorelines, restore habitat and decrease stormwater runoff pollution, promoting oyster restoration and providing pumpout service to prevent pollution from recreational powerboats and sailboats using our waterways. We serve as the eyes, ears and voice for our rivers, advocating for intelligent policy, regulation and legislation at the county, state and federal levels and defending Critical Areas laws from encroachment by illegal development.


We provide environmental education programs for students in our local schools and for civic groups and homeowner associations.


We're also dedicated to increasing public access to our waterways. We recently  

partnered with the Department of Natural Resources to open Franklin Point State Park, a 477-acre tract of salt marsh, tidal estuaries, meadow and forest, which had been locked behind a gate for the past 20 years. 


The GreenGive has provided a unique opportunity to collaborate with the other environmental nonprofits in the county who are all working hard on their own unique missions to improve water quality and the quality of life in our community. 


We do not receive any operating funds from government sources. Most of our day-to-day expenses are covered by individual donations. That's why the GreenGive is so important to us. 


Proceeds from the GreenGive will help us continue our work collecting data on the health of our waterways and reporting on our progress. Our citizen-scientist volunteers have been monitoring the quality of the water in our rivers for 10 years, and just last week made our 5,000th data collection. The funds will help cover the cost of the most up-to-date scientific monitors, lab analysis of bacteria samples, and basic fuel and boat maintenance expenses.


Thank you for your support! I hope to see you at the GreenGive kickoff party at St. Luke's on June 12!

Visit our website.

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